Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hetti Coat

This coat was made based around 10 weeks of workshops on different techniques exploring our creativity from pleating to gluing cloth.

Above are images from the catwalk show.

This image above is my favourite from this project, the simplicity of the black and white image really hi-light the contrasting textures of materials, PVC/Houndtooth/Magpie wing head piece.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

My Other Blog

Currently working on a project that is being documented in my other blog, check it out.



Saturday, 16 July 2011

Illustrations of FMP

Faces of the Brand - A/W 11




FMP - Teddy Blanc Menswear Collection

This collection was based on several themes, Barbados, Caves, Shipwrecks, Coral Life, Origami, Star Wars to just name a few, lol, but put all of them together and i have created some great pieces such as the man dress above!!

All the printed fabric i did by hand which i think gives such a hand made touch to each piece!

This look above is my favorite as both pieces have such intricate detailing that when u look from a distance, they still have the same impact as when u look closely. It is very hard to show in a picture the fully working mechanics of some of my pieces as they are interchangeable. For example, the 2 shorts can be fully unzipped and you can have a different color on each leg :D

Drapery Mini Project

As a lot of my work is very structured and regimented i wanted to explore another interest of mine - drapery!!, This gorgeous printed silk jersey material i draped round a mannequin to create an unusual fit on the body. This dress it just one piece of material, no cuts were made and in total there is 4 meters worth of fabric there!! 

Wedding Jacket

 I was attending a family wedding and i wanted to make something of my own to wear for it, so i created a 3 tiered jacket that fastens with a metal clasp. I think the material i used is so great, as the texture brings the jacket to life!!!, its got a D&G sorta vibe to it, lol :D

Above is the illustration i created of it which shows more clearly the 3 layers at the bottom of the jacket  than the pictures do below.

Pictures above taken by a great photographer - "Sarah Hope"

These CAD images illustrate some of my designs from The Enchanted Palace Project. The one above is my favorite because it is simple, elegant and eye catching. 

The Enchanted Palace Project - Hallelujah Jacket

 This Jacket is based on the exhibition in my previous post. The hieroglyphic print on the lining i created and each symbol of a letter represents something to me, and the only translation key has been sewn into the garment so unless you unpick the whole thing no one will ever know what is written!! I love it, so bold and unique!!! :D 

The Enchanted Palace Exhibition

For a project i went up to the The Enchanted Palace exhibition at Kensington Palace where i was so inspired by everything around me. Boadicea, War, Secrets, The Royal Family, were just a few themes i took from my visit. Above are some pictures and i love the discombobulated mannequins in the top picture adorned with metal armoury!!

Magazine Front Cover

For a Magazine article i wrote, i supported it with a front cover and this is the image i chose as i loved the expression on her face and the whole "preppy" styling.


Bowling Photoshoot

Photoshoot done down at my local bowling alley. The overall theme was very kitsch and quirky sorta 60's vibe. I love the images i created especially the 2 large images I've posted.

Summer School

The task was to create jewelry/accessories using paper/card and i wanted to create something very sculptural and eye catching!